Egg Storage Solution & Transportation Cage

Breddar Egg Trays

  • Provide Safety For Eggs With Complete Bottom Surface Touch For Eggs.
  • Rigid In Strength, Compact In Design
  • Suitable For breeder Eggs Storage/Transportation
Capacity30 Eggs
Shipping Capacity3700 Trays/ 20Ft Container

Eggs Transport Cage/ Carate

  • The Breeder & Commercial Eggs Trays Are Used Mainly For The Storage And Transport By This Cage
  • These Trays Are Made Up Of Composite Plastic Which Makes It Very Durable, Even In Harsh Handling Condition
  • EasilyStackable when Filled & Insurable When Empty
  • Designed For Sanitizing & Disinfecting Eggs
  • They Are Well Ventilated to Allow Air Circulation Around The Eggs, Which Also Helps In Quick Drying Of Eggs After They Have Been Washed.
  • The Unique Design Helps Avoid All The Losses Due To Egg Breakages
  • Base Plate Also Available On Request
Dimensions670L*363W*#350H mm
Capacity360 Eggs / 12 Trays
Weight2.50 Kg
Shipping Capacity700crate/25000Trays/20ft cntnr
Create With Tray Egg Filled
Stack Crate
Inserted Crate