Rake Well

Raking Machine which has been specifically designed & developed for Poultry Litter Management. Raking is necessary for Poultry to keep good health of the birds and hence the profitability. It helps producers keep the litter dry in the best condition possible all the time. As the machine moves through the farm it will allow the air to act in the litter, mixing and drying it. This in turn reduces the moisture in the litter. It does not allow formation of lumps . This helps to reduce accumulation of C02 & Ammonia in the farm

Salient Features

  • Economical in comparison with motorized raking machines & affordable to even small poultry farmers
  • An average person/labour can assemble, understand & operate it easily
  • Easy maintenance & zero operating cost
  • Rakes faster, minimum physical efforts
  • Better working & environment condition
  • Helps to keep litter dry managing moisture
  • Helps to remove ammonia significantly
  • Reduce diseases
  • Reduce labour dependency
  • Improves FCR
Number of Blades12
Blade DimensionsDia-240mm, L-380mm  
Blade MaterialMS
Reverse  OperatingNo
Raking AdjustmentYes both side available
Detachable HandleYes also extendable
Colour CoatingPowder Coated
Assembly RequiresPartially required
Machine Weight17kg. Net
Packing Size      
HS Code84328020
Product Code:RMS