Hot flow LPG Space Heater ( Fully Automatic)

Code : HF1533

Digital temperature controller with Temp. Sensor for automatic operation as per set temperature

Gas Consumption4.8kg. / hr
Brooding Capacity15000 day old chicks
Brooding Coverage33000 CFT for 28-300C
Motor220v, 370w (0.5hp), 1400rpm, Airflow: 1700m3
FunctionsFully automatic with sensors

Salient Features

  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding systems
  • Mechanical based auto functions system, which increase reliability of daily operation in automation
  • A 3mtr. Long temperature sensor with SS wire braided to protect it from cuts & breaks
  • Digital temp. controller provided for easy view
  • An average person/labour can understand & operate it easily
  • Precision engineered by the experts
  • No insulation required to cool the heater body, it designed as automatic keep itself cool while heater is running so it can put at litter/floor
  • All time uniform temperature @ any corner of the brooding shed (as per dimension recommended)
  • Easy maintenance by modular construction
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Spare easily available on order since made by “CHISHTIYA POULTRY SERVICES”
  • Unit can be run on the “INVERTER” or “GENERATOR” in absence of power (optional)

Safety Measures

  • Carbon monoxide is not produced in this unit because of blue flame i.e. 99% gas burning
  • Igniter not connected with main system it has independent operation to ignite the Pilot
  • Pilot Burner provided to ignite the main burner at every time & has very micro consumption as well wind proof flame
  • Protection provided against FLAME failure, BLOWER/MOTOR failure & SENSOR failure
  • ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ switch functioning automatically depending on the room temperature
  • Temperature can be viewed on panel board& adjust easily to increase or decrease the required room temperature
  • Body design which prevent to enter the mouse or any other things inside which create problem into wiring or connections