Hot flow LPG Space Heater ( Fully Automatic)

Hot flow LPG Space Heater - Fully Automatic
Code : HF1533

Digital temperature controller with Temp. Sensor for automatic operation as per set temperature

Gas Consumption4.8kg. / hr
Brooding Capacity15000 day old chicks
Brooding Coverage33000 CFT for 28-300C
Motor220v, 370w (0.5hp), 1400rpm, Airflow: 1700m3
FunctionsFully automatic with sensors

Salient Features

  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding systems
  • Mechanical based auto functions system, which increase reliability of daily operation in automation
  • A 3mtr. Long temperature sensor with SS wire braided to protect it from cuts & breaks
  • Digital temp. controller provided for easy view
  • An average person/labour can understand & operate it easily
  • Precision engineered by the experts
  • No insulation required to cool the heater body, it designed as automatic keep itself cool while heater is running so it can put at litter/floor
  • All time uniform temperature @ any corner of the brooding shed (as per dimension recommended)
  • Easy maintenance by modular construction
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Spare easily available on order since made by “CHISHTIYA POULTRY SERVICES”
  • Unit can be run on the “INVERTER” or “GENERATOR” in absence of power (optional)

Safety Measures

  • Carbon monoxide is not produced in this unit because of blue flame i.e. 99% gas burning
  • Igniter not connected with main system it has independent operation to ignite the Pilot
  • Pilot Burner provided to ignite the main burner at every time & has very micro consumption as well wind proof flame
  • Protection provided against FLAME failure, BLOWER/MOTOR failure & SENSOR failure
  • ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ switch functioning automatically depending on the room temperature
  • Temperature can be viewed on panel board& adjust easily to increase or decrease the required room temperature
  • Body design which prevent to enter the mouse or any other things inside which create problem into wiring or connections

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) space heaters are commonly used in poultry farming due to their effectiveness in providing the necessary heat to maintain an optimal environment for poultry, especially during the critical early stages of life. Here are some key reasons why LPG space heaters are favored in poultry farming:

  • 1. Consistent and Controllable Heat Output: LPG heaters are highly efficient at providing a consistent and easily adjustable source of heat. This is crucial for maintaining the precise temperatures required in the brooding phase for young chicks. The ability to control and adjust the temperature easily helps ensure that the birds are neither too cold nor too hot, promoting better growth and health.
  • 2. Reliability: LPG heaters are generally reliable and can operate independently of the electrical grid. This is particularly important in areas where electrical supply might be intermittent or unreliable. The continuous operation of heaters is essential to prevent temperature fluctuations that could stress or harm the birds.
  • 3. Cost-Effectiveness: In many cases, using LPG as a fuel can be more cost-effective compared to electricity, particularly where LPG is readily available and less expensive than electrical power. The efficiency of LPG heaters in converting fuel to heat also helps reduce operational costs.
  • 4. Rapid Heating: LPG space heaters can quickly heat a large area, making them suitable for the spacious interiors of poultry houses. This rapid heating capability ensures that the environment reaches the desired temperature soon after the heaters are turned on, which is beneficial during particularly cold periods.
  • 5. Portability: Many LPG heaters are designed to be portable, allowing farmers to move the heaters as needed to focus heat on specific areas or adjust to changes in the layout of the poultry house.
  • 6. Reduced Moisture and Humidity: Proper humidity levels are critical in poultry environments to prevent the growth of pathogens and ensure the comfort of the birds. LPG heaters generally do not increase humidity levels, unlike some other heating methods, which can help maintain a healthier environment.
  • 7. Safety: Modern LPG space heaters are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off controls if they tip over or if oxygen levels in the environment drop too low. These features help prevent accidents, making them a safe choice for use in enclosed spaces like poultry farms.
  • 8. Environmental Considerations: Compared to other fossil fuels, LPG burns cleaner with fewer emissions of particulates, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. This cleaner combustion makes it a relatively better choice for both indoor air quality and overall environmental impact.

Given these advantages, LPG space heaters continue to be a practical and popular choice for maintaining optimal temperatures in poultry farming operations, thereby supporting the health and growth of the birds.