Chismo – 1000 Gas Brooder

Chismo – 1000 Gas Brooder

Code : GB1
Fuel ConsumptionMin 60G/hr
Max 100G/hr
Operating Gas Pressure3-6 Kgs./Sq.Cm.
Calorific Value

Brooding Capacity
Min 1140 Kcal./Hr
Max 2394 Kcal./Hr
1000-1200 Commercial

Brooding Area Coverage225 sq. Ft @ 4’Height
SS ReflectorYes
Weight2.5 Kgs
Dimension600mm Dia Canopy
125mm Height
Suggestive Placement4 Ft. From The Ground The level
Brooders Gap required15 Ft
FuelLp Gas
Temperature Range30-32 ‘C @ 100 Sq. Ft Area

Salient Features

  • The first indigenous Gas Brooders manufacturer in India
  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding system
  • Precision engineered by the expert
  • Affordable price to even small farmers
  • Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator
  • Heat resistant infra red SS perforated bulb for long lasting strength
  • All time uniform temperature
  • Easy maintenance
  • SS washable filter provided for better efficiency
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Spares easily available on order
  • Two brooders can be used by the single gas cylinder
  • 5 years replacement guarantee of Brooder Bulbs & Perforated Housing

Gas brooders are essential in poultry farms primarily for providing a controlled and consistent source of heat to young chicks, which is crucial for their survival and growth. Here are several reasons why gas brooders are necessary in poultry operations:

  • 1. Temperature Regulation: Newly hatched chicks cannot regulate their body temperature effectively. They depend on external heat sources to maintain their body temperature until they develop sufficient feathering. Gas brooders generate the
  • 2. Uniform Heating: Gas brooders are designed to distribute heat evenly across a wide area, ensuring that all chicks receive consistent warmth. This uniform distribution helps prevent cold spots that can lead to chick mortality.
  • 3. Efficiency: Gas brooders are energy efficient, often more so than electric heaters. They can heat larger spaces with less energy, which is cost-effective for large-scale poultry operations.
  • 4. Reliability: In many regions, electricity supply can be unreliable. Gas brooders, running on propane or natural gas, provide a dependable alternative to electric heating systems. This reliability is crucial for avoiding sudden drops in temperature that could be detrimental to the chicks’ health.
  • 5. Scalability: Gas brooders come in various sizes and models that can accommodate different numbers of chicks and sizes of brooding areas. This scalability makes them suitable for both small family farms and large commercial operations.
  • 6. Reduction in Humidity: Proper brooding also involves managing humidity levels. Gas brooders help reduce excess moisture, thus maintaining a healthier environment by preventing the growth of harmful pathogens that thrive in damp conditions.
  • 7. Cost-Effective: Over the long term, using gas for heating can be more cost-effective than electricity, especially where gas is cheaper or where bulk gas purchases can be made. This economic efficiency is an important consideration for the profitability of poultry farms.

Given these advantages, gas brooders are widely considered an essential piece of equipment in the management and successful rearing of poultry, particularly in the critical early stages of growth.