Code : TCF4
"Turbo Chick Feeder" is a upgraded and modern technology feeder compared to conventional design it can be used for broiler chicks from 1 to 15 days age. Wider hopper with 6 feed distribution window and a 'W' shape pan make feed feeling easy and uniformly. The farm trial results show up to 14& higher final live weight & serving 50 to 70 chicks per feeder.

Easiest and most effective system to adapt chicks to automatic feeding systems. 100% high impact plastic, UVA nad UVB resistant. Easy assembly and storage.

Salient Features

(1) Prevent to enter chicks inside feeder pan
(2) Easy Feed filling due to wider hopper
(3) Quick, easy & uniform feed feeling in pan with 6 distribution windows
(4) Stand can be used to adjust height of feeder as per chicks age
(5) Increase feed conversation ratio & flock uniformity
(6) Eliminates Feed Waste
(7) Easy cleaning, storing and handling due to innovative design
(8) Feed holding capicity is 4kg.

Placement Alternatives

(1) Brooding Rings
(2) Along Water lines
(3) Along feed lines
(4) Zigzag between water and feed lines
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