Your Cold Weather Friends


  • ‘The first indigenous Gas Brooders manufacturer in India
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding system
  • SS washable filter provided for better efficiency
  • Precision engineered by the expert
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Affordable price to even small farmers
  • Spares easily available on order
  • ‘Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator
  • Two brooders can be used by the single gas cylinder
  • Heat resistant infra red SS perforated bulb for long lasting strength
  • 5 years replacement guarantee of Brooder Bulbs & Perforated Housing
  • ‘All time uniform temperature
Fuel ConsumptionMin 60G/hr
Max 100G/hr
Min. 100 G/Hr
Min. 100 G/Hr
Min.600 G/Hr.
Max.1.5 K s./Hr.
Operating Gas Pressure3-6 Kgs./Sq.Cm.
3-6 Kgs./Sq.Cm.
0.4-1.5 Kg./Sq.Cm.
Calorific Value

Brooding Capacity
Min 720 Kcal./Hr
Max 1200 Kcal./Hr

500-800 Commercial Birds
Min 1140 Kcal./Hr
Max 2394 Kcal./Hr
1000-1200 Commercial Birds
Min 8640 Kcal./Hr
Max 21600 Kcal./Hr
2000-4000 Commercial Birds
300 Day Old Chicks
Brooding Area Coverage100 Sq. Ft225 sq. Ft @ 4’Height900 Sq. Ft.
Weight2.5 Kgs2.5 Kgs 9.8 Kgs
Dimension600mm Dia Canopy
125mm Height
600mm Dia Canopy
125mm Height
900mm Dia Canopy
200mm Height
15 Length * 15 Height
Suggestive Placement3 Ft. From The Ground The level4 Ft. From The Ground The level6 Ft. From The Ground The level
Brooders Gap required10 Ft15 Ft30 Ft
FuelLp GasLp GasLp Gas
Temperature Range30-32 ‘C @ 100 Sq. Ft Area30-32 ‘C @ 100 Sq. Ft Area30-32 ‘C @ 100 Sq. Ft Area