Smart Solution For Uniform & Accurate Temperature In Brooding House

Salient Features

  • Economical In Compression With Conventional Brooding systems
  • Electronics Based Auto Function System, Which Increase Reliability Of Daily Operation.
  • A 3mtr Long Temperature Sensor With SS Wire Braided to Protect it From Cuts & Breaks.
  • Digital Temp. Controller Provided For Easy View
  • An Average Person/Labour Can Understand & Operate it Easily
  • Precision Engineered By The Expert
  • No insulation required to cool the heater body, it designed as automatic keep it self cool while heater  is running so it can put on litter/floor
  • All time uniform temperature @ any corner of the brooding shed (as per dimension recommended)
  • Easy maintenance by modular construction
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Heater Can be hanged, provision given on heater
  • Provision given for hot air diversion by flare duct
  • Spare easily available on order since made by “CHISHTIYA POULTRY SERVICES
  • Unit can be run on the “INVERTER” or “GENERATOR” in absence of power (optional)

Safety Features :

  • Heater willbe functioning automatically depending on the room temperature
  • Carbon monoxide will not produce in this unit because of blue flame i.e. 99% gas burning
  • Protection provided against FLAME, BLOWER, MOTOR & TEMP. SENSOR failure
  • Hooter will blow when LPG exhaust in cylinder
  • Heater will hold & stop the gas & electricity incase of any failure in system
  • Temperature can be viewed on panel board & adjust easily to increase or decrease the required room temperature.
  • Rodent proof body design which prevent to enter rodent inside chamber
  • Easy replacement of auto-control box incase of any malfunction

Technical Specification

Gas ConsumptionMin. Grams/Hr.
Max.4.8 Kgs./Hr
Operating Gas Pressure0.7 -1.4 Kg./Sq.Cm.
(10 – 30 Lbs./Sq.Inch)
Calorific ValueMin. KCal./Hr.
Max. 56832 KCal./Hr
Brooding Capacity15000 day old chicks @ 28°-30°C
Brooding Area Coverage33000 CFT. (140’ L x 30’ W x 8’ H)
Weight50 Kgs
Dimension630 L x 490 W x 760 H (mm)
25 L x 19 W x 30 H (inch)
BodyRustproof GP Sheet
Electric Motor½ Hp, 1-Phase, 1440rpm, 1.7amp
FuelLP Gas
Temperature Range*0 to 100 & 2 (both settable)
AC Supply220V, Single Phase, 4 Amps.
Temp. At outlet140 C (at outlet)
Temp. Sensor TypePT-100
Ventilation (Air required)1000 CFM or 1700 m / Hr.