4W Fogger

Code : 4W

Features & Benefits

  • Bridgeless Design Eliminates dripping
  • Interchangeable Components
  • Micro sized Droplets, at a Relatively Drop pressure Of 4.0 bar That Uniformly Distributes an Average drop Size of 65 Micron
  • Specially design Cooling, Humidifying & Rooting Tables.
  • Strongly Recomondate to Connect The 4W Fogger to The Distribution Pipe With Micro-tube
  • A Specifically Designed Stabilizer and NR Valve That Will Prevent Distribution Pipe Drainage.

Features :

  • Anti-leak design
  • Inbuilt NRV
  • Acid Resistance
  • Uniform Fogging
  • 65 Micron Drop

Technical Specification

Static Mister5.5 I/h, per Fogger
Flow Rate4.0bar (4kg/sq./cm)
Working Pressure3.5-5bar (3.5kg/sq./cm)
Recommended Filtration130 Micron/120Mesh
Inlet ConnectorPress Fit
Cross4-nozzle Configuration

Assembling Instructions