Code : CF3
The Chick Feeder is designed to helps new born chicks to consume feed easily from day old. It reduces feed wastage and thus increase the feed conversion ratio. The quantity of feed level in the pan can be regulated with the help of the adjustment slots provided in the feeder bucket. The chick grill restrict the chicks inside the feeder thus control feed wastage,chick feeder extension (funnel) is also available for easy pouring of feed. The two way stand helps to maintain the height of chick feeder.

Technical Specification

Capacity of Chicks/Feeder : 50
Feed Capacity : 2.5 kg. - 3 kg.
Cone (top) Dia : 170 mm
Cone Height : 190 mm
Pan (bottom) Dia : 250 mm
Lip Space : 45 mm
Grill Gap : 30 mm
Stand : 2 Way
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