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Salient Features

  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding systems
  • Mechanical based auto functions system, which increase reliability of daily operation in automation
  • A 3mtr. Long temperature sensor with SS wire braided to protect it from cuts & breaks
  • Digital temp. controller provided for easy view
  • An average person/labour can understand & operate it easily
  • Precision engineered by the experts
  • No insulation required to cool the heater body, it designed as automatic keep itself cool while heater is running so it can put at litter/floor
  • All time uniform temperature @ any corner of the brooding shed (as per dimension recommended)
  • Easy maintenance by modular construction
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Spare easily available on order since made by “CHISHTIYA POULTRY SERVICES”
  • Unit can be run on the “INVERTER” or “GENERATOR” in absence of power (optional)

Safety Measures

  • Carbon monoxide is not produced in this unit because of blue flame i.e. 99% gas burning
  • Igniter not connected with main system it has independent operation to ignite the Pilot
  • Pilot Burner provided to ignite the main burner at every time & has very micro consumption as well wind proof flame
  • Protection provided against FLAME failure, BLOWER/MOTOR failure & SENSOR failure
  • ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ switch functioning automatically depending on the room temperature
  • Temperature can be viewed on panel board& adjust easily to increase or decrease the required room temperature
  • Body design which prevent to enter the mouse or any other things inside which create problem into wiring or connections

Technical Specification

Gas Consumption : Min. 700 Grams/Hr. - Max.1250 Kgs./Hr.
Operating Gas Pressure : 0.7 -1.4 Kg./Sq.Cm. (10 - 30 Lbs./Sq.Inch)
Calorific Value : Min. 8400 KCal./Hr. - Max. 15000 KCal./Hr.
Brooding Capacity : 5000-6000 Commercial Broiler Chicks
Brooding Area Coverage : 11000 CFT. (61’ L x 30’ W x 6’ H)
Weight : 60 Kgs.
Dimension : 787 L x 482 W x 686 H (mm) - 31” L x 19” W x 27” H (inch)
Body : C.R. Steel Powder Coated
Electric Motor : ½ Hp, Single Phase, 2700RPM, 3.8Amp.
Fuel : LP Gas
Temperature Range* : -500 to +500 & 20 Hysteresis (both settable)
AC Supply : 220V, Single Phase, 4 Amps.
Temp. At outlet : 2000C (at outlet)
Temp. Sensor Type : PT-100
CFM : 200


  • What is Space Heater?
    It is an Automatic Brooding Machine which used to produce heat which warm the particular area of brooding for poultry Day Old Chicks
  • How it works?
    It works automatically depends on room/brooding house temperature
  • Which fuels are required to run it?
    LP Gas is required as fuel to produce heat & Electricity is required to run the blower which transport the hot air into brooding house & automation of machine.
  • What are the differences between brooder & space heater?
    Brooders are spot heater and will not give uniform temp. into brooding shed specially while cage brooding where birds kept into particular blocks and they do not have much space to move & due to it they feel cooling or over heat due to spot heating, where space heater warming entire area uniformly& every corner of brooding shed will maintain proper temp. as you set into machine. Brooders are manul& this space heater is automatic which maintain particular temp. of shed which is required accordance of breed & type of birds
  • What are the safety measures provided into this heater?
    1 Flame Failure Device: Magnetic valve will sense the heat of pilot burner & after it only main burner will get flow of gas, if it is absence it will shut-off the supply
    2 Over Heater Body Temp. : Machine has inbuilt body temp. sensor which continues sensing the body temp. if body will get heat it will stop all operation
    3 Blower/Motor Failure : Incase of motor or blower failure system will stop automatically
    4 Sensor Failure : If any cuts or breaks happened to sensor wire system will stop to working
    5 Automatic By-pass switch in case of any malfunction into automation system can be run as manual
  • Can we run this space heater on Generator or Inverter?
    Yes you can run this space heater on Generator or Inverter since it will use only 0.5hp motor
  • What will happen if power/electrcity will cut-off & resume after some time?
    System will standby on pilot burner and as soon as electricity resume system will operate automatically if room temp. is less than set
  • What type of brooding shed insulation required & why?
    Outside curtain & inside brooding tent of tarpaulin is recommended for better insulation, it will help to preserve the hot air into brooding shed so operating cost can be reduced & better result can be achived
  • Where to place this space heater into shed? Is it safe to put on floor?
    You can place it any corner of the shed only keep distance from direct hot air throw to chicks, yes it is safe to put on floor since it is designed to keep itself cool during the operation and temp. of surface body will normal room temp. No hot surfaces.
  • Is this system can be used as cooling equipment?
    No, this system is designed to produce only heat & can not use as cooling equipment
  • I have brooding shed which size is 200’ long 30’ width & 10’ side & 12’ central height, how many space heaters will sufficient to get brooding temperature?
    This space heater will cover 11000 cubic feet area so as per brooding house size 200’L x30’Wx11H (10+12/2) = 66000 CFT will come so divide it by 11000 i.e. 66000/11000=6 space heater will enough to get 30-32 degree Celsius temperature when outside temp. between 15-20 degree Celsius.
  • What will the warranty & after sales service if any maintenance arrives?
    1 year warranty of full system for every factory faulted parts, Chishtiya company designed & produce this machine so any parts required to change it will easily available at reasonable cost
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